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Quotes from Crystal Creek Employees

“I have been with CCL less than six months and I already feel like part of a collaborative and engaging team. I took the job based on the company’s environmentally friendly values (it’s a “B-Corp” company) and the feeling I got from management during the interviews and I haven’t been disappointed. There are times when we are all busy and focused and time to socialize and bond as a group. It has been a good balance.”

“The environment is friendly and lively. Coworkers are great. The job definitely cares for you and your health. They definitely try to work with you on striving to create a better workplace. They are open to suggestions and take each employee’s words to heart! Definitely two thumbs up!”

“Crystal Creek is a relatively young and growing company with wonderful leadership, that focuses on employee empowerment and maintaining a work/life balance. There are many opportunities to learn, take on exciting and innovating projects and grow with the company.”

“The culture is team-based and encourages employee input. Crystal Creek truly values their employees and sees the benefit of challenging employees as a way to help them grow. All are encouraged to develop new skills and expand their knowledge.”

“Problems are faced with solution-focused attitudes where the purpose is to identify how to do things differently and better in the future. It is a challenging and rewarding place to work. There can be high-stress days, but we always pull together and adapt to get through.”

Top Reasons to Work for Crystal Creek

  1. Fun atmosphere
  2. Great pay
  3. Employee discounts
  4. Recognition
  5. 401k Plan
  6. Health Insurance
  7. Team atmosphere
  8. Growth opportunities
  9. Friendly people
  10. Learn life skills
  11. Flexible schedules
  12. Crystal Creek’s vision
  13. B Corp and Sustainability efforts
  14. Leadership
  15. A Family
  16. Someplace I can be proud to talk about
  17. A place where I can be myself and still be a part of a team
  18. Free food
  19. Great music
  20. Feels like home

National System of Warehouses

National System of Warehouses

Explore Crystal Creek Culture and Employee Relations

Crystal Creek starts employees above minimum wage and advances them as quickly as they can to be sure that they are always above living wage for the area as well as competitive in their work areas. Wages are reviewed regularly.
Crystal Hours, Sick Leave, matching 401K Plan, Health, vision and dental insurance, employee snacks, employee discount, employee loan programs, flexible scheduling, work from home (when job allows)
Work Smart/Live Smart, In the Crystal Creek Vision, we focus on what makes an employee great, but also what makes for good relationships with employees, employers, clients and suppliers.
The Crystal Creek Leadership vision is to lead by example, to be inclusive and to be informative so that all employees can have enough information about the company that they can offer valid input as they see fit.
Crystal Creek facilities are powered with 100% clean, sustainable wind energy. We are the only perishable fulfillment company to offset the carbon dioxide green house gas emissions from dry ice and carrier shipping operations on behalf of our clients. We believe responsible business benefits our environment, clients and stakeholders. We are also the only perishable fulfillment company with a B Corp Certification!
Our training program is team oriented. We try to make it an experience where employees can learn from many people, not just one or two who are good at training. We do this to build leadership skills, to cross train, and to make it easy for the new employee to have access to training when they are ready and at their pace.
At Crystal Creek we have flexible schedules wherever it is applicable, we allow for work from home in the areas where this is reasonable and we encourage employee growth through experience so we try to always support any request for adventure.
We look for Passion, Attitude, Aptitude, Willingness, then Ability. At Crystal Creek all applicants will be considered for employment without attention to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran or disability status – we simply hire you because you are the best fit and qualified to do the job.
Crystal Creek supports a variety of local charities and causes including Hospice and Homes Now! We make it a policy to contribute to every cause that asks as long as money remains in the budget to do so. To date we have not turned down a cause.
Crystal Creek tries to change what is not working, by operating in an environment of continuous improvement. Change is a part of the culture and feels just like what we do. If there is another way to do something or we find something that is better for the environment or for the employees, we research and if it meets our criteria we adopt it when possible.
Crystal Creek is a growing company, we have met or exceeded our goals every year except one. We are a strong cash flow company so there is never a problem with cash flow for bills.

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