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Ponder this for a moment. Only three percent of the world’s water is fresh water, the only water adequate for human consumption. The majority of our planet’s fresh water is locked in ice caps and glaciers, meaning we only have access to around 30% of all fresh water. Our 7 billion global population is therefore dependent upon less than one percent of the entire planet’s water supply.

Knowing this, Crystal Creek is doing our part to help conserve this very precious global resource. To conserve water at the tap, we have retrofitted eight bathroom sinks with .5 gallon per minute aerators. These replaced traditional 1.5 gallon per minute aerators to save two thirds more water! Additionally, we replaced any toilet in our company-owned facilities that used more than 1.6 gallons per flush. This translated to significant overall water savings!

Crystal Creek closely monitors our water use in all four facilities. Month by month tracking ensures that we are responsibly using this precious resource while helping us to identify further opportunities for conservation.

Interested in Reducing Your Consumption?

The average person in a developed nation uses 80-100 gallons of fresh water per day. There are multiple opportunities for water conservation, and they are much easier than you might think!

Sustainable fulfillment matters.

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