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Reducing Waste Sent to Landfills

Crystal Creek Toward Zero Waste

Landfills are forever. It’s sobering to think that what you send to a landfill today will likely become buried for hundreds (or possibly thousands) of years. However, the US EPA estimates that at least 75% of waste can be recycled or composted into new goods! In January, Crystal Creek partnered with Sustainable Connections, a nonprofit located near our Ferndale home office, to learn how we could increase rates of recycling in all areas in our operations.

After months of preparation and training, Crystal Creek moved toward zero waste in all four of our facilities with the goal of reducing our waste sent to landfills by 80%. Below, you can see how a recycling station in our Ferndale, WA warehouse kitchen makes proper disposal of waste efficient and easy.

Crystal Creek Sustainable Fulfillment Toward Zero Waste Bins Ferndale WA

We achieved a 50% reduction of landfill waste in our Washington facility and a 50% reduction in our Nebraska facility. That’s enough material saved from the landfill to fill 20 standard dump trucks each year!

Crystal Creek Sustainable Fulfillment Toward Zero Waste Sucess

We are excited to see how further recycling will reduce our landfill waste from all our facilities!

Sustainable fulfillment matters.

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