Warehouse Safety

Written By: Jessica Kane

Safety is very important when working in a warehouse because there are so many different ways to get injured. Regardless of the size of the warehouse or the number of employees, a focus on safety and creating a safe workplace is essential.


There are certain common mistakes that may be made by both veteran warehouse workers and rookies. Even warehouse supervisors can commit some of the errors. It is important to remember that safety in a warehouse is not just about the protection of employees, it is about the protection of the business as well; overlooking something as simple as a sign can result in a lawsuit that costs millions of dollars.


Below is a guide to basic warehouse safety that can help you to keep your employees and your business safe:


  1. Keep Your Warehouse Clean

Ideally, your warehouse should be in pristine condition at all times and well lit. Not only will this improve worker safety, it will improve the efficiency of your operations as well. Aisles should be kept free of obstacles such as empty pallets, boxes and shrink-wrap. shelving should be well organized and properly labeled so that daily activities can proceed smoothly. Everything in your warehouse should have a place and all items should ultimately be in their place.


  1. Prioritize Dock Safety

There are numerous hazards associated with this part of your warehouse including the potential for items falling on employees and forklifts running off the dock. Basic dock safety tips include:


  1. Improve Forklift Safety

According to the Centers for Disease Control, there are 100 workers killed annually in forklift accidents and another 20,000 suffer serious injuries. Overturning forklifts are the leading cause of forklift-related fatalities and are responsible for about a quarter of the deaths. You can help to prevent forklift accidents by following these tips:


  1. Ensure that Materials are Stored Properly

When materials are not stored properly, there is the risk that they could fall and injure workers. Follow these tips for proper storage:


  1. Avoid Manual Lifting Injuries

Manual lifting can cause back injuries as a result of improper lifting techniques and overexertion. To prevent these issues, use the following guidelines:


  1. Ensure Proper Hazard Communication

If hazardous materials spill, chemical burns and other injuries are possible. Follow these guidelines:


These are just some ways to make sure that you make warehouse safety a priority. All employees should practice caution when in a warehouse setting to avoid accidents and risks of injury. By working together, you can ensure that a warehouse is a safe environment for everyone working there.


Jessica Kane is a professional writer who has an interest in keeping things organized and in order. She currently writes for FlexCon, a leading vendor of corrugated plastic bins and boxes.

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