Your products will do well if they are unique but also of great importance is your knowledge of how to drive your potential customers to your website. If you have a good marketing plan, a well-crafted Google AdWords account, a sound budget, a solid management team, an understanding of Social Media and are connected with Influencers, and can keep costs down by outsourcing, you should have a good shot at generating strong sales. A really good (heartfelt or educational) story about you and/ or your products can help immensely as well.

It varies, but we like to see upwards of 200 orders per week, otherwise your return on investment may not be met.

The more options you can provide a customer, the more likely the chance for a larger and more profitable sale.

Crystal Creek has negotiated excellent discounts from UPS, FedEx, and regional carriers and we extend those discounts to you. We are able to purchase an array of coolers, cardboard boxes, gel packs and dry ice in bulk. Combined, that translates to serious savings! Add the reduced risk of packing and shipping errors and we’ve saved you a substantial amount of anguish and money!

We have years of experience with frozen foods and perishable goods. We test our shipping methods to ensure your products remain frozen. We monitor the weather for storms in the winter and for high temperatures in the summertime, and adjust our shipping accordingly. Our frozen coolers are at least 1″ thick and we use block ice, not pellets, for a much higher success rate.

Yes! You will have your own account representative to ensure your orders are properly shipped each and every day. Additionally, we assign a warehouse representative to your account to keep a watchful eye on the packing and shipping of your orders.

There are several factors to consider. First, if your customers are concentrated in a specific area, we can save money on shipping costs by selecting a facility that will get you as close to them as possible. Second, if your business or manufacturing is close to one of our facilities, it can reduce your transportation costs by selecting one of our nearby warehouses. Many companies go with us regardless of the above mentioned choices, they just like the program we create for them as well as our reliability.

Easy! Once we discuss pricing and get a good understanding of your products and your intentions, we send you our questionnaire which leads then to an internal discussion with the team to ensure that it’s a good fit for you as well as for us. We then send you our standard fulfillment agreement accompanied by an invoice for deposit that is commensurate with your estimated shipping volume (refundable after 2 years should business be terminated and there are not outstanding invoices), we then test your products to determine the appropriate shipping container and ship method, facilitate the integration, load your product descriptions and SKU information into our system, conduct test orders in the system and then test shipments, and after all that, we launch. The entire setup process can take 4 to 6 weeks (sometimes longer for larger customers), to become fully operational.

Click here for a free quote, or call our sales team at 360-778-1543 – 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific.


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