A Letter To Our Clients

April 18th, 2020

Dear Clients,

We are overwhelmed by the support you all have shown us in this very busy time. While we struggle with protocols and government programs, you have sent us suggestions, you have supported us in order prioritization, you have even offered us some of the insights you have learned in your own situations. You have shared letters from customers who were concerned that they would no longer get the food that they need to stay on top of their health and customers who are just happy to get food. These things keep us going.

The team has been doing everything they can to keep things light and fun while in this uncomfortable time. One employee suggested that we put out a snack and water station for the drivers because they are having a difficult time finding places to stop, we did this and everyone had such a good time getting it all pulled together and it happened in a second. When we decided that we needed to make it mandatory to wear masks, instead of employees resisting, we found that in some warehouses we had 100% implementation the next day. This is something – since they had to either make or find a mask that night and we had given them a few days to become compliant. We had family in more than one location start sewing, so that we could have fun face coverings for the teams, these were cranked out in what seemed like overnight.

Our local distillery Bellewood Acres (Lynden, WA), stopped making vodka and started making hand sanitizer. We received a supply of this and sent it out to all of the warehouses because the stocks they had were dwindling, we than got some tiny bottles so that we could send the crew home with sanitizer for any trips to the grocery store that they might need to have. It is so great to see businesses changing what they do to support this effort.

I guess what I am trying to say is that it is a tough time, it is a complicated time, but it is also a rewarding time. We have never felt so supported, so in sync with our clients and so proud of our employees as we have these past weeks. We have seen so many great things come out of this, our planet is getting a little rest, our people are getting a chance to be a little more creative and we are learning why we need one another, just at a safe distance.

We are beginning to catch up, we are completely caught up in three warehouses, pretty close in the fourth and the last one Richmond, where we have the most volume, we are still struggling with. The onslaught of orders has put great pressure on that warehouse and we are working tirelessly to rebuild ourselves into a high volume workplace, overnight.

Cathy Hayward-Hughes
President and General Manager

Team members in Ferndale, WA pose for a group photo while wearing face coverings and social distancing.

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