Facility Managers Visit Other Locations in February

March 13th, 2020

We just recently sent our Hastings, NE and Reno, NV facility managers out on a trip to visit our other locations. We asked them write a blurb about their travels and tell us what these kinds of trips do to benefit our collaborative efforts, as well as what it means to experience the atmosphere and culture that grows in each facility. Mike C. from Nevada took a moment to share his thoughts with us below.
Recently, I had the opportunity to travel to two of our sister facilities: Hastings, Nebraska and Memphis, Tennessee. While I am hoping that I brought something to those sites in terms of experience, fresh eyes and team building, I know for certain that I took a lot of those same things home with me. Traveling to other facilities is highly beneficial because it allows us to really see the teams, buildings and layouts in “real life” instead of through email and pictures.

It also allows more direct face to face time with my co-managers to really collaborate in-depth and pick up new and better ways of doing things. For example, while I was in Hastings, the team decided to try a new method of picking orders for one of our clients. The process was tried, peer reviewed and accepted as much more efficient and now we are following that procedure in Reno.

On that same turn, an earlier site visit to Memphis by Cathy our General Manager/President and her husband Jeff Hayward-Hughes, resulted in the two “veteran” facilities adapting the “pick and stick” layout and process of our newest facility and team! In Memphis, I was able to make some suggestions about tweaking some labeling processes that I feel will be beneficial to increasing pack/ship numbers easily. Sarah stressed to our newest team that she is there to support them, no matter what, and to be in the habit of reaching out to her with issues, observation and suggestions.

Ben and Sarah have instituted an atmosphere of friendly competition within their facility that I cannot adapt to quickly enough here in Reno. Jose and his team are implementing measurements of production in picking, labeling and packing that do not come off as overbearing or micromanaging in a distribution world where metrics sometimes overrule humanity.

The Crystal Creek culture is alive and well in the facilities that I visited. I am a firm believer in the special family feel of our company and made it a point to stress that as often as I could, especially to the younger folks who may not have had a lot of experiences elsewhere. I can honestly say that my co-managers, Ben, Sarah and Jose feel it and appreciate it as well, and it is reflected within their teams.

To me, Crystal Creek is about family, team cohesion, collaboration and excellence. While there is always room to improve in all our spaces, I felt and saw these things in both facilities.

Thank you, CCL, for this opportunity to learn and grow!


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