Crystal Creek Opens Memphis, TN Facility this November

December 15th, 2019

Our Keidra in the front office of CCL Memphis.

The team as Crystal Creek is extremely pleased to announce the opening of our 5th location; CCL Memphis! Memphis was chosen principally because of its ability to reach almost 100% into both Texas and Florida (and all points in between) in just 2 days or less via ground shipping, thus adding to our already strategically well-placed locations.

Many of these southern states are often hit with very high temperatures, our clients will realize great value from this location, benefiting from a ‘time in transit’ perspective – meaning less dry ice and shorter distances traveled to reach the customer. Our newest facility consists of 45,000 square feet, containing both freezer and cooler space and is attached to an additional 300,000 square foot cold storage that will act as overflow storage. Additionally, there will be freezer space set at -20 degrees F. which makes for great ice cream and ultra-sensitive product storage.

In typical Crystal Creek fashion, we were able to open our facility on time albeit, minus a few components not fully functional at the time of launch. Thankfully, we had a plan B. We were able to make use of space in our adjoining overflow storage facility and ensure that all orders were shipped as planned. It took some quick wits and creative thinking, but we did indeed pull off a smooth and successful launch!

We are currently entering our 4th week of shipping and have been hitting our planned daily package schedule even though we had a somewhat less than ideal, make-shift working environment. Friday will be a very exciting day for our team when we finally get to move everything into our new warehouse and start up in earnest. We are certain that our team is eagerly looking forward to their new digs as well!

About the Team
Our manager is Jose Devine, he came to us from 1-800 ProFlowers and has a great deal of relevant experience. For the last 10 years, Jose was responsible for shipping tens of thousands of bundles of flowers over the holiday weekends. Along with Jose, came four of his team members; Monica, Delia, Sadie and Oscar. Their focus and collective experience allowed us to get underway minus the mayhem and confusion that is all too often associated with a new launch. To this seasoned team, we’ve added a stronger admin team – led by Stacie and Keidra, both with strong HR and business management skills. In conjunction with these two, we plan to add additional admin support staff to assist us in the early hours of the day since Memphis is two hours ahead of the Ferndale facility. This will be a huge help in allowing us to get an even earlier jump on all that goes on relative to the east coast.

If you have interest in our Memphis facility, be sure to let Mike know. We will not be adding new clients until early Q3 of 2020 as it stands presently, but now is the time to initiate discussions for those interested.

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