Recycling Plastic Waste Into Brand New Decking!

September 7th, 2019

Crystal Creek Logistics’ Reno branch is pleased to announce an environmentally friendly partnership between Crystal Creek and The Trex Company –

Trex makes the composite decking, framing and railing that has become so popular in backyards, parks and marinas over the years. Trex sources and uses as much recycled plastic as they can in the manufacturing of their products.

We decided to reach out to see if any of our plastic waste could be diverted from the landfills and into the manufacturing of decking materials. It turns out that it could! Along with a substantial amount of stretch wrap that comes in on inbound pallets, we are also able to recycle breakroom waste and vendor packaging. Trex has provided us with lists of acceptable materials to put aside, as well as containers for the break room and warehouse to make the process flow smoothly. Both Crystal Creek and Trex consider the entire process a big win for the environment. Recycling products into materials that will ultimately reduce the need for cutting down trees and last longer than traditional decking has us, and Mother Nature smiling!

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