Urban Freight Lab: Final 50 feet Competition

August 10th, 2019

People, bikes, cars, and trucks all need to coexist and often in urban areas and cities where space on the streets is very minimal. Launched October 2016 and nestled in the University of Washington’s Supply Chain Transportation and Logistics Center, the Urban Freight Lab (UFL) works to create solutions in an effort to manage the delivery of goods in these congested urban areas. Senior executives from retail and wholesale companies, logistics and goods delivery firms offer valuable insight and experience to help improve the management of both public and private operations of urban goods delivery systems and engage in strategic applied research and identifying priority problems for future research projects.


In an article written by Linda Baker, Staff Writer for FreightWaves online, The UFL as announced that it is hosting its “third annual Tech Day: Transforming the Final 50 Feet of Delivery, a pitch competition for innovators improving the last leg of the urban goods delivery system, also known as the final 50 feet. That stretch begins at the load/unload space located at the curb, in an alley or a private loading bay; and follows delivery operators as they maneuver sidewalks, intersections and security in buildings; and ends when the customer receives their goods.”


The articles mentions the following problems that the lab is seeking solutions for:


1. Reducing parking-seeking behavior in dense urban areas
2. Improving commercial vehicle parking space productivity
3. Reducing the number of failed first deliveries
4. Reducing dwell time for delivery vehicles
Read the full article on FreightWaves.
Learn more about the University of Washington’s Urban Freight Lab.

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