UPS Seven Day Delivery Network

August 10th, 2019

UPS has announced July 23rd the company’s newest developments in their products and services. These new services center around the goals of reducing transit times and enhancing delivery capabilities. One of the most notable of the announced services is the implementation of the Seven-Day delivery network in January 2020. They would be able to then reach customers over the weekend at a faster rate on both Saturdays and Sundays, with Saturday pick-ups and deliveries expanding for residential and business locations.
“We will leverage the combination of the UPS Network, UPS Access Point locations and SurePost in collaboration with the United States Postal Service to efficiently provide these exciting new capabilities,” said Kevin Warren, UPS Chief Marketing Officer. “Building on an expanded relationship with the Postal Service to help deliver seven-day service to our customers makes good business sense.”
For this transition, UPS is “adding 10 million pounds of lift capacity” and 44 new aircraft to their fleet by 2022. With customer expectations shifting towards faster delivery times, investments in the company’s airline network is providing flexibility for growth.
This update from UPS has them joining FedEx in the switch to seven-day delivery. FedEx announced their update back in May of this year. Truly an example of how an effort is being made to accommodate for the exponential growth of e-commerce businesses.
Crystal Creek Logistics is monitoring the effects these new services that UPS and FedEx will offer in 2020 and will notify our clients if we intend to make any new updates to our shipping schedules.
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