FOR ALL CLIENTS: Hot Weather Program

June 3rd, 2019

Throughout the year and across the U.S., varying temperatures can impact how your products are shipped. If your product is temperature sensitive and must remain below certain temps in order to retain quality, Crystal Creek will apply a hot weather program to fit your product’s specific requirements. At this time of year, our clients will have already been notified of rising temperatures, and hot weather plans have been implemented depending on your needs (for example, we may include an extra block of dry ice or gel packs to orders delivering to certain high temp states).
As a part of the standard weather monitoring system that we implement at Crystal Creek, we have a team dedicated to regularly monitoring country-wide temperature fluctuations in order to ensure we are taking immediate action to update our hot zone lists and adjust ice requirements for your orders as needed.
At Crystal Creek, we pride ourselves in being able to offer this finely-tuned service to our clients and are happy to say that we have saved our customers from thousands of potentially thawed and damaged packages by preemptively adjusting our packing methods according to the weather changes.
If you have any questions about the hot weather program, our team of account managers are always available and more than happy to assist you, whatever your need.

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