Always On the Move

June 3rd, 2019

“This month we set out to tour two of our warehouses, our first stop – Hastings, NE.  In our posse were Hannah Kononen, our WWU student, CCL employee and IT troubleshooter in training, Crystal Dament, our Reno office assistant and FD specialist, myself and Jeff, our packaging and shipping specialist and my husband.  Together we formed a cross functional group that could look at our warehouses from many angles. During our stay we were able to implement our new PROPS program, a program for employees to recognize one another for above and beyond support and interview employees on the warehouse floor to learn a bit more about why they are here and what they value about their job.  Some explained that the CCL management is substantially better than their previous job and others mentioned that working here has allowed them to meet new people and be exposed to new perspectives.  
Tomorrow, May 29th, we continue our tour by traveling to our Virginia warehouse.  With our cross functional/warehouse team, we have found that this trip has been giving us so much more than just a client’s startup, it has allowed us to look at systems, make sure we are addressing concerns in similar ways and offering help to one another on warehouse improvement based on what we have done in another warehouse. While the weather has been tumultuous, we did get the opportunity to catch Taylor Hawes’ wedding reception and a great garage-based storm BBQ!”
– An update from Cathy Hayward-Hughes, President of CCL

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