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May 5th, 2019

When creating this company, we also wanted to create an outstanding employer for the Bellingham, Washington area. Despite out town having an excellent university that many great professionals graduate from, those who wish to remain in Bellingham can have a difficult time finding work. Jobs can be scarce here. I saw this when 20% of my neighbors worked out of town because they did not want to lose the community. They told me that the only way you could get a job here is to start your own company. When I thought about how I was driving 90 miles a day to my workplace starting something of my own seemed to be a good idea at the time.

Bellingham sits on the Salish Sea, almost halfway between Vancouver, BC, Canada and Seattle, WA. We have the beautiful Mt. Baker as our backdrop and in front of us are the San Juan Islands, an archipelago known for rural Pacific Northwest landscapes and wildlife. Yes, we have a lot of rain, but you can go outside everyday if you have some outdoor gear. This is a place where people love to live, it is free of traffic, lines and the pressure of being in the city but is close to everything if you need it. And for people to stay here they needed to work here, and we felt that we could create jobs to fill that need. And so, we started CCL in 2008 with 5 employees.

We are now well over 50 employees across three additional facilities.What does this mean? It means that over 50 people have medical, vision, dental and life insurance along with a full-time position. It means that 5 babies were born to people who worked for a company that understood that babies are important and need extra consideration. These babies will have parents who will be at their games, who will coach their kids or be on the PTA if they want to, because their employer will help them find a way to adjust schedules and make things happen. And it means that over 50 people are introduced to a healthy lifestyle, kitchens to cook in and an interesting variety of things to cook.

We thank you all for being our clients and supporting us in our growth. We hope that we have been able to offer you excellent service, that we have been fair when there are problems and that we have been attentive to your company’s needs. We feel that by being an employee-centric company, we encourage this type of excellence.

Cathy Hayward-Hughes
President | General Manager

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