Crystal Creek Logistics and the UPS Carbon Neutral Program

March 31st, 2019

Shipping has an impact on the environment and Crystal Creek’s job is to find as many ways as possible to give back. Partnering with UPS in their Carbon Neutral Program is an easy solution to promote sustainability. Before now, only our Washington and Nebraska locations have been operating on a specialized UPS account that allows us to make contributions to projects that help in the reduction of CO2 emissions around the world. We are happy to announce that we will be adding our Nevada and Virginia locations to the UPS Carbon Neutral Program as well!

Crystal Creek began making contributions to the Carbon Neutral Program back in 2015 and since then has contributed $13,564.65 over the last three years! This money goes to fund sustainability projects in areas like Garcia River Forest in the United States, Fujian Landfill Gas in China, La Pradera Landfill Gas in Colombia, and Cholburi Wastewater Biogas-to-Energy in Thailand! In participation with the Carbon Neutral Program, we found that UPS does all the hard work for us, calculating the costs to reduce our carbon footprint.

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