Weather and Natural Disaster Policy

February 27th, 2018

An Effort to Keep Your Shipments Safe

We would like to take the time to reiterate our weather and natural disaster policy.

When we are alerted about dangerous weather conditions, decisions about shipping must be made quickly; we’ve developed a plan for this, but we understand that some of our client’s may prefer to retain control of their shipping – even during high risk weather scenarios. As such we’ve offered two choices – You retain the control over your weather decisions, or you leave it in the hands of Crystal Creek.

Below you will find a copy of our default policy, and literature regarding the latter option of retaining control of your shipping.

Default Policy
CCL Weather and Natural Disaster Policy

When CCL determines that an area is in a high risk weather situation (or is experiencing some other natural disaster) and that there may be considerable risk of delay or damage, we will hold perishable packages until the weather event has cleared.

An e-mail alert will be sent to you notifying you of the weather event and that subsequent plans have been implemented.

We are often aware of the risk of a situation before any of our carriers officially list non-deliverable zones, so we may make a decision based upon an expected outcome. However, where possible, we will always hold packages back once the carriers list undeliverable zones. These “holds” usually come about due to major storms or flooding and typically occur at least twice a year during the winter and spring months.

Please note that once an event is identified, we will do everything in our power to pull back any processed packages that we can. However, if the package is too far into the system, then this may not be possible.

Please also keep in mind that Crystal Creek is not liable for damages or delays caused by weather or other natural disasters outside of our control.

We will do our best to act quickly and in the best manner possible, but storms can come on unexpectedly. There may be an occasion where we ship ahead when it would have been better to hold, but we will be as proactive as possible to protect your packages.

An Optional Route
In the Event of Retaining Control of Shipping

If you would like to retain control of your weather decisions, please note the following:

  • You will still receive a weather alert notifying you of the issue.
  • You must then notify us as quickly as possible with what course of action you would like to take. You must let us know no later than 10:00AM local time for each facility that you are shipping from.
  • We will hold all packages from the moment your decision is made and going forward. This means that any packages that have been packed, shipped, and loaded onto our trucks before the decision is made will not be pulled back.
  • It would be good to start thinking about what your own policy is so that you can be quick to respond to any weather alert. Are you comfortable with always shipping packages ahead regardless of a weather notice? Do you prefer to always hold perishable packages back if there is going to be a risk of delay or damage?

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