Crystal Creek Carbon Neutral Shipping

January 25th, 2018

Offsetting carbon emissions by planting hundreds of Garry oak trees.

Crystal Creek ships thousands of packages each month. Like many of our customers, we are concerned about the impact of our activities on the environment. Our planet is facing an unprecedented environmental crisis, and as a Certified B Corporation Crystal Creek wants to be part of the solution as part of the Change We Seek.

Crystal Creek provides complimentary carbon neutral shipping on every package we ship on our carrier accounts. Crystal Creek also offsets all the carbon emissions from the dry ice we use.

Not just for a day, or a week – we’re more serious than that. We offer your business complimentary, year-round carbon neutral shipping for every package that ships using Crystal Creek’s carrier accounts. To provide carbon neutral shipping, Crystal Creek supports projects, such as native tree planting, to balance emissions from the transportation and delivery of packages and the usage of dry ice.

In 2017, Crystal Creek chose to support the restoration efforts of the Oak Harbor Garry Oak Society with a grant to plant 800 Garry oak trees on Whidbey Island, WA. The Garry oak is the only native oak tree of Washington State, and after losing over 98% of its habitat to development and deforestation, this species is critically imperiled and at risk of extinction. Crystal Creek is proud to support the Oak Harbor Garry Oak Society in their restoration efforts so that we may all breath cleaner air and preserve a magnificent tree for future generations.

To learn more about the Oak Harbor Garry Oak Society or to make a donation to support tree planting and conservation, please visit

The Change We Seek®

We wish to become an important part of our community and to support our employees so they can achieve their full potential. Our model shakes up the traditional sense of the organization, making all employees an important part of the process. Everyone has a say in decisions as a valued stakeholder. Sustainability is at our core. We power our facilities with 100% wind power, we offset the emissions from shipping and from the dry ice we use. Our facilities have been retrofitted to conserve water, and we practice toward zero waste to recycle over 50% of our waste. Best of all, we offer an environmentally friendly packaging solution that is biodegradable. Bottom line, sustainable thinking is a part of everything we do.

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