Gratitude: Our Way of Doing Business

November 22nd, 2017

Gratitude can be a way of life by maintaining a positive outlook and celebrating successes big and small (among other things). Crystal Creek’s core values include taking care of oneself, one another and our customers. Doing this with intention in all we do creates a happier and healthier environment plus a whole lot of gratitude. It’s a recipe for success!

In that spirit, we’d like to share our accomplishments from the past year for which we are truly grateful:

    • Welcoming 17 new clients in 2017!
    • Shipping 8436 more packages than the previous year
    • Re-certifying as a B Corp and increasing our sustainability score by 11.6 points over the previous review – an increase of 14%!
    • Actively maintaining an exceptional corporate culture that creates a stable community of employees, clients and customers working well together
    • Hiring 7 permanent and 3 seasonal employees
    • Providing 7500 trees for Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association which were planted in Whatcom County – including 200 planted by our staff volunteers

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