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Crystal Creek Renewable Energy

Our four facilities give your business a national advantage and extensive ground shipping coverage. With large freezers and voluminous storage, we constantly track our energy use and find ways to reduce our consumption. In the fight to save our planet, we have moved beyond carbon-intensive energy sources for all of our consumption.

Since January 2015, Crystal Creek has been using 100% renewable energy for all four of our facilities and has joined the EPA Green Power Partnership.

Clean solar energy helps to power Crystal Creek’s west coast operation in Ferndale, Washington. A 9.9 kW photovoltaic system was installed on our south-facing roof by Western Solar using panels manufactured only 15 miles from our warehouse. Under ideal conditions, the solar panels will generate enough power to run the lighting needs of the building!


Crystal Creek Sustainable Green Fulfillment Solar Power in Ferndale Western Solar

Western Solar installing a 9.9 kW solar panel array on the roof of Crystal Creek.


See For Yourself

When the sun shines, you can see our Ferndale solar energy production online in real time!

We are committed to using renewable energy sources to power our facilities. To do this, Crystal Creek purchases Green-E Certified renewable energy credits from wind power projects around the country. Reducing our overall use is important too. Our new, energy-efficient freezers reduce our use, and we have retrofitted our existing freezers to make them more efficient. With your continued support, we will make history and become the leading force of sustainable commerce, together!


EPA Green Power Partner

Crystal Creek has been a partner since we first began purchasing green power in 2014. We are thrilled to have more than doubled our green power purchasing commitment!


Community Energy Challenge

Our Ferndale, WA warehouse and home office is participating in the Community Energy Challenge. Facility audits help us to reduce our overall energy consumption.

Sustainable fulfillment matters.
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Emissions Reporting

Crystal Creek Emissions Reporting


Water Efficiency

Crystal Creek Water Effeciency


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