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  • Catalog fulfillment
  • Kitting and Assembly
  • Manufacturer to Consumer
  • Resellers to Consumer
  • Business to Business
  • Business to Consumer
  • Frozen foods to U.S & Canada


Standard Fulfillment Services

  • styrosYou will have at least two of our staff members take responsibility for your account, your primary account rep will assist you to make changes, answer questions, and help solve order related issues.  Your rep will endeavor to provide you with ideas on packing new items as well as how you might improve packaging on existing items.  You will also have someone take responsibility for your products on the warehouse floor. 
  • Restocking is quick and easy - you have the ability to set your minimums and maximums.
  • Orders are picked and printed with your company's name placed prominently on the pick tickets and shipping labels.
  • From our OMS web based platform you can run real time reports of inventory, shipping, receiving, back ordered materials and returns from any computer - day or night!


Order Transmission - (the methods by which we receive your orders).

  • We prefer direct integration; right from the shopping cart preferably through web services.
  • File Upload; your orders may collect in a batch file on your site and you then send them to our system via a text / CSV file which integrates with our software and prints the pick tickets. Our system accepts orders via FTP order files, and imports them into our order processing application.
  • We can also receive orders via EDI and customer website interface.
  • Manual input;  through your client portal - our web based system with 24/7 access.
  • Email;  Additional steps with additional costs. Faxed and phone orders (our least preferred option),

Key Features of our Service

  • Confidential, independent, order fulfillment software for your company. You link to your info from any place you can access the web.
  • Scalable shipping line capable of processing many thousands of packages per day.
  • Multi-carrier capabilities   - We have solid relationships with Fedex, UPS, USPS, and Purolator.
  • Unbeatable shipping rates - often considerably less than your current rates because of our volume discounts that we share.
  • Year round perishable shipping for your frozen products.
  • Same business day order fulfillment (following successful credit card pre-authorization and inventory verification).
  • Inventory, sales and a number of other key reports for daily, weekly or monthly e-mail update.
  • Returns processing and storage - (Reverse Logistics).
  • We can integrate a number of shopping cart programs into our system, ask us about the shopping cart that you are considering, we have our favorites and often recommend carts that we believe have good value, one example might be Magento


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