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Efficiency and Cost Savings...

Through our use of proven shipping software, our clients have the capability to achieve 3 crucial objectives simultaneously:

  1. Ensure materials and products are available for production and delivery to customers.
  2. Maintain the appropriate inventory levels.
  3. Plan manufacturing activities, delivery schedules and purchasing activities more effectively.


  • Your customer enjoys a reduced total delivered cost
  • You receive improved customer satisfaction through shorter shipment times.
  • You enjoy reduced inventory costs through better management.
  • Cost benefits are realized through volume shipping discounts.
  • You can return to improved focus on YOUR core competencies.



Frequently Asked Questions; 

  • How do we know if our products will sell over the internet?  Your products will do well if they are unique - not found in stores (but not always).  If you have a good marketing plan, a well crafted Google Adwords account, a sound budget, a solid management team, an understanding of Social Media and Blogs, and can keep costs down by outsourcing, you should have a good shot at generating strong sales.  A really good story about you or your products can help immensely as well.
  • How many orders per week make outsourcing worthwhile?  It varies, but we like to see upwards of 50 orders per week, otherwise your return on investment may not be met.  
  • How many items do we need to have to make it work?  The more options a customer has the better the chance for a high dollar sale - thus a reduced chance for shopping cart abandonment once they become aware of the freight costs. We ask our customers to spend a minimum of $2,000 per month with us, exclusive of shipping costs.
  • How do you save us money?  Crystal Creek has negotiated excellent discounts from FedEx and UPS, and we extend those back to you. We are able to purchase styrofoam coolers and fiber boxes in bulk, as we are with dry and gel ice. Combined, that translates to a very good savings - then factor in our experience, our expertise, and our dependability.
  • Can we ship perishables into Canada?  Absolutely! (except for beef), Our Ferndale facility is just minutes from the Canadian border, we clear customs and ship via our preferred carrier throughout most all of Canada.  We have exceptional rates.
  • How do we know our frozen products will arrive frozen?  We have years of experience with frozen foods and have defined specs by which we ship. We test them to make sure they stay frozen. We monitor the weather for storms in the winter and for high temperatures in the summertime, and adjust accordingly.  Our frozen coolers are at least 1" thick and we use block ice, not pellets. 
  • From which of your facilities should we be shipping our products?  If your business is nearby one of our facilities, if your manufacturer is nearby one of our facilities, if you have a high concentration of customers in given area or if your products come into port from overseas near one of our facilities - that can help your decision.  Many companies go with us regardless of the above mentioned choices, they just like the program we create for them and our reliability.
  • How do we get started?  Easy!  Once we discuss pricing and get a good understanding of your products and your intentions, we send you our questionnaire which leads then to the fulfillment agreement.  We then obtain a refundable deposit (assuming all outstanding invoices and such are cleared up at the conclusion of business), test your products for the appropriate shipping container and ship method, facilitate the integration, load your product descriptions and sku information into our system, conduct test orders in the system and then test shipments, and finally get underway.  The entire setup process can take 2 weeks to one month (sometimes longer for larger customers), to get fully operational.
  • What about your Customer Contact Center?  Our Call Center is manned by a very sharp and highly personable staff.  This service is separate from our ordinary fulfillment business but can be a solid adjunct for any business who would like to provide an opportunity for their customers to place phone orders or simply educate customers who wish to learn more. 
  • Will I have my own Account Rep?  You will have your own Account Rep to ensure your orders get properly shipped each and every day.  Additionally, we assign a Warehouse Floor Rep to your account to keep a watchful eye on the pick and pack of your orders.  


What you get from Crystal Creek

Crystal Creek Logistics has the expertise and experience to help you to grow your company by allowing you to concentrate on your strengths. We have a background in order processing, picking, packing, and shipping—and we focus solely on this.

For many companies, contracting with Crystal Creek is easier and less costly than doing the work themselves. After all, you don't have to worry about leasing warehouse space, buying packing materials, transportation, or distribution of your merchandise. With a phone call, email, or fax to Crystal Creek, we can arrange for your inventory to be lotted into our warehouse, then shipped to your customer ASAP, or on a pre-arranged schedule. NO need to call the trucking company or Fedex - or, purchase boxing materials, dry ice, tape, scales, conveyor belts, racks, extra freezers, etc. Our service removes the added task from your end of the equation so you can concentrate on producing more product and making more sales!

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